Pietro Collini

Was born and lives in Milan, where he works as a doctor.
For years photography enthusiast has his specific interest in portraiture, social documentary and street photography.
To his credit reportages on Guinea Bissau, Sateré the Amazon rainforest, northern Cameroon, South India, Mexico and Cambodia.
He has published in numerous magazines such as Reflex, Fotocult, Fotografare, & Mondo & Missioni, Il Fotografo.
2010  finalist at the SONY WORLD AWARD 2010: see
2010 “Along the river” (reportage on the Amazon) his personal at HOEPLI GALLERY in Milan, with the sponsorship of the City of Milan and the Lombardy Region and PIME
2011 he was invited to give the inaugural lecture at the school of journalism of Giacomelli Museum of Senigallia: see
2012  “Cameroon” his personal at HOEPLI GALLERY in Milan
2014  “Portraits from Africa” an exhibition at the gallery "Dulce Olivia" in Mexico City
2014, at the invitation of the Faculty of Philosophy Aesthetics and photography, dell'university UNAM in Mexico City, held a conference entitled: "Semiotics, aesthetics and ethics of the reportage": see
2014 “Among Faces and Among Worlds” has exposed at the exhibition space Photodiscount in Milan during "Photo Festival - Milan capital of Photography"
2015 “Among Faces and Among Worlds” has exposed at the HOEPLI GALLERY in Milan
2015 is part of the editorial staff of the publication Sandro Iovine’s FPMAG
2015 was Chairman at the conference “Aesthetic and Photography” in Milan
2015 as part of the "ethics of Photography Festival" of praise, was a speaker at the conference: "ETHICS AND JOURNALISM: A COMPLEX RELATIONSHIP" with the speech: " The Truth As A Vehicle Of Lies”
2015 is the official photographers of the Foundation Leo Matiz in Mexico City DF
It is considered among the best 10 world photographers to "Painful Photography": see
He has authored some books of photographs: "CAMEROON", INDIOS SATERÉ: A PEOLE ALONG THE RIVER” and "AMONG FACES, AMONG WORLDS"